Ulster Recruit - Terms and Conditions for Employers

Recruit is a free on-line tool developed at Ulster University to manage key aspects of students’ work-based and placement learning, including advertising, encouraging applications, supporting assessment and communications within the employer, student and University staff partnership. The diversity of industry sector practice by local, national and international employers is recognised, the following terms and conditions are offered as a support to effective promotion of vacancies across all campuses and disciplines at Ulster University. Recruit enables Ulster University students to seek and apply for work-based and placement learning experiences as a compliment to their programme of study so as to deepen and broaden their understanding of their chosen discipline and its application. In offering Recruit, Employability and Marketing does not enter into contracts with students or employers. Instead, necessary contracts or agreements should be drawn up between the employer, student and relevant Ulster University school or department. Recruit is compliant with Employability and Careers policies for working with employers and recruitment agencies and other potential opportunity providers.

Employers are responsible for recruitment and selection and are expected to follow the recommended approach described below. All advertisements accepted by Employability and Marketing are subject to the following conditions. Employability and Marketing may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating this posting and therefore you should check this page periodically.

All users of Recruit must log in with an e-mail address that is unique, so that they can be identified in the system and activity tracked.

Employer partners and other opportunity providers:

  • You must make clear the nature of the work offered and fully complete the vacancy form with details of any essential and desirable requirements, etc.
  • You will be expected to provide reasonable advance notice of your requirements.
  • You are responsible for arranging appropriate remuneration for employees. Hourly rates or salaries should meet minimum wage rates.
  • If offering care work at private addresses through reputable agencies with clear health and safety and vetting procedures (e.g. City council-linked care agencies) will be considered.
  • You may link to other related vacancy information published as part of an advertisement. In such cases no responsibility can be accepted by Employability and Marketing for external application information and systems.
  • Advertisements submitted or amended pursuant to these conditions will not breach any contract or infringe the rights of any person.
  • Any information supplied in connection with the advertisement is accurate, complete, true and not misleading.
  • Any advertisement complies with the requirements of all relevant legislation (including any subordinate legislation and the rules of statutorily recognised regulatory authorities).
  • You acknowledge responsibility for compliance with the obligations set out above and that Employability and Marketing has no obligation to edit or review any published advertisements for accuracy or appropriateness. However, Employability and Marketing reserve the right to alter or remove any Advertisement to comply with any obligation placed upon Employability and Marketing or to ensure compliance with the requirements set out above.
  • Employability and Marketing reserves the right to omit, refuse, withdraw or cancel Advertisements submitted to Recruit.
  • To comply with Data Protection legislation, the use of email address, logins and passwords, by multiple users, is not supported.
  • All Advertisement material originated by Employability and Marketing is copyright and any Advertisement material originated by you remains your copyright.
  • In the event that you commit a material breach of these terms and conditions, Employability and Marketing may terminate this agreement immediately on notice and without liability to you.
  • The failure or delay by either party to exercise or enforce any of its rights is not a waiver of that right and nor will it bar enforcement of any obligation at that time or any subsequent time.
  • Any notice or other document to be served under these conditions must be in writing and served in the following ways (and shall be deemed to have been served at the time stated): - by first class post - on the second day after postage; - by fax or email - upon receipt (provided that a copy is sent by pre-paid first class post on the same date).
  • If any provision of these conditions, or of any document made in connection with these provisions, is determined by any court, tribunal or administrative body of a competent jurisdiction to be wholly or partly unenforceable for any reason, that unenforceability shall not affect the rest of this agreement or that document, the unenforceable part being deemed severed and deleted and the remainder continuing in full force and effect.

Date of last revision: October 2018

I have read and accept, on behalf of my organisation, the Terms and Conditions set out above for using Recruit.